These regulations define the functioning of the online shop under the name optisofa.com

1. General

1.1. These regulations (hereinafter: "Regulations") define the rules for concluding and performing contracts for the provision of electronic services, digital services and sales contracts in the online store (hereinafter: "Shop"), as well as the rights and obligations of the parties to these contracts.

1.2. The store is available to all persons (hereinafter: "Users") at: https://optisofa.com/

1.3. The owner of the Store is OPTISOFA Kasprzak spółka komandytowa with its registered office in Barwałd Średni, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście, XII Commercial Division, under KRS number: 0000943369, identifying with REGON numbers: 070764770 and NIP: 5511688299 ( hereinafter: "Seller").

1.4. The Seller communicates with Users via the website indicated in point 1.2. Regulations, as well as by phone, via traditional mail and e-mail.

1.5. Seller's contact details:

1.5.1. address: Barwałd Średni 332, 34-124 Klecza Górna,

1.5.2. phone number: +48 692 437 990,

1.5.3. e-mail address: sklep@optisofa.com

1.6. Contracts for the provision of electronic services, the provision of digital services and sales are concluded with the Seller through the Store.

1.7. The subject of the Seller's activity is the sale of products presented in the Store (hereinafter referred to as: "Products").

1.8. The store enables, among others:

1.8.1. setting up a User account (hereinafter: "Account") and the ability to maintain it, i.e. making changes and modifications to data, viewing the status of order fulfillment (hereinafter: "Orders"), viewing purchase history, using the storage room, remembering the basket, receiving discounts and promotional coupons and access to the Order archive,

1.8.2. obtaining information about Products that can be purchased through the Store,

1.8.3. placing Orders by persons using the Store (then referred to as: "Buyers"),

1.8.4. subscribing to the newsletter (hereinafter: "Newsletter"), which is understood as an electronic form of the Seller's information bulletin intended for all persons interested in news, promotions and changes in the activity and offer of the Store, sent to them by the Seller via e-mail.

1.9. In the Regulations, the term "Consumer" is understood as a User who is a natural person performing a legal transaction with an entrepreneur not directly related to its business or professional activity (pursuant to Article 221 of the Act of 23 April 1964 - Civil Code (hereinafter: "Civil Code") ).

1.10. In the Regulations, the term: "Entrepreneur with consumer rights" is understood as a natural person concluding a contract directly related to its business activity, when the content of this contract shows that it is not of a professional nature for him, resulting in particular from the subject of his business activity , made available on the basis of the provisions on the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (in accordance with Article 3855 of the Civil Code).

1.11. The mere use of the Store does not require the User to incur any fees to the Seller.

1.12. Agreements concluded through the Store may be concluded in Polish and in other languages in which the Store is made available.

1.13. There is no minimum duration of the Consumer's and Entrepreneur's obligations under consumer rights resulting from these contracts. In the event that the Consumer or Entrepreneur with consumer rights is not entitled to withdraw (more on this subject in point 5.6. of the Regulations), the time of the Consumer or Entrepreneur with consumer rights under the contract lasts until the price is paid to the Seller.

1.14. The fulfillment of the service not ordered by the Consumer or Entrepreneur with consumer rights is at the Seller's risk and does not impose any obligations on the Consumer or Entrepreneur with consumer rights. Lack of response of the Consumer or Entrepreneur with consumer rights to the unsolicited service does not constitute the consent of the Consumer or Entrepreneur with consumer rights to conclude any contract.

2. Account registration and placing an Order

3. Ceny i płatności

4. Dostawa

5. Prawo odstąpienia

6. Ochrona danych osobowych

7. Dodatkowe zastrzeżenia prawne

8. Postanowienia szczególne związane ze świadczeniem przez Sprzedającego usług drogą elektroniczną oraz dostarczaniem usług cyfrowych

9. Newsletter

10. Odpowiedzialność Sprzedającego za brak zgodności Produktu z umową sprzedaży, reklamacje Produktów

11. Opinie o produktach

12. Postanowienia końcowe


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