Meet us!

We believe that a nicely arranged space can make people happy. We have the courage to move forward and leave what is known, replacing it with fresh and new. Our clients are at the center of everything we do. Without you, we would be only half of the brand that we are.

That's where it started...

Our adventure began in 1991. Starting from a backyard workshop run by the founders of the company, we are in a place of which we are incredibly proud.

For 30 years of activity, our furniture has been sold to various retail chains in Europe. Thanks to this, we have gained a lot of experience and decided to develop under our own wings. It was then that we created a thriving online store, which is dynamically developing every year. Our ambitions are sky-high, so we will not avoid mistakes. We draw conclusions and try to be the best. We do not hide, we are proud of ourselves!

Aleksandra Kasprzak
Product Manager

When arranging the house, I was looking for a sofa at a reasonable price. I was surprised how hard it is to find a nice and solidly made sofa. It seemed almost impossible to me, and my choice was very limited. I came across a local company, our paths crossed and I started working in the OPTISOFA team. After several years of cooperation, I can say that we are just such a company - offering affordable, high-quality furniture and the best possible service.


We create our furniture with passion and commitment.
We know that good furniture is beautiful but also durable.

Compromise? It's not for us. We focus on the highest quality materials of natural origin. We are so sure of our furniture that we have extended the warranty on the structure to 5 years.

Rapid development must go hand in hand with social commitment, which is why our production is sustainable and ecological.

Modern manufacture

We produce in our own, modern and automated factory.
All collections and products are created in our design department.

We know that the choice of materials matters both from a social and environmental point of view. For this reason, we are deeply committed to embedding sustainability into our product development process, from concept to delivery.

We are taking positive steps to reduce our impact on the planet. For us, this means responsible retailing. We have eliminated all unnecessary plastic from our product packaging.

OPTISOFA is a brand created by people

Cool work becomes amazing when it's based on cool people and a good team. Together we can move mountains.

We believe that our sofas in your homes are the glue that connects people. Nothing makes us happier than seeing real people bragging about our furniture in the media, opinions and e-mails.

  • Mateusz

    Chief Operating Officer

    He treats the store like his own child. It solves our problems, sets the direction of development and connects our team. On a daily basis, he is passionate about cycling and the soul of the company.

  • Ola

    Product Manager

    Ola - lover of good design. If you're wondering who dresses our furniture, it's her. In everyday life, she likes to surround herself with beautiful things.

  • Kasia

    Creative Director

    The creative side of the brand. If you are wondering who is behind our design and marketing, meet Kasia. She draws inspiration from everything that is close to her heart. She loves to experiment with colors and details.

  • Daria

    E-commerce Specialist

    Nobody advises better than Daria. A specialist in building relationships with our clients. If you don't catch her on the phone, she's probably wandering around the world. She loves traveling.

  • Karolina

    Logistics Manager

    As soon as the furniture hits the warehouse, it will schedule a delivery to you. Is the term right for you? Nothing is impossible for her. Beloved every day, firm at work.

  • Szymon

    Production Manager

    From the moment the order is placed, everything is in his hands. He coordinates the production of our furniture. The hallmark - phone and calendar in hand. Always busy, with a smile on his face.

  • Agnieszka


    Suggestions, shapes and combinations. He is looking for the perfect combination to present our product with a unique character. She is intrigued by a different style.

  • Team

    Devoted to the client

    Surprising ideas and designs that evoke happiness. We always give 100%. We will make every effort to ensure that the order meets your expectations.

How do we work

We are committed to minimizing our negative impact on the planet and making sustainability part of everything we do.

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