OPTISOFA x Cluster

Cluster is a coworking space consisting of 5 offices in different locations in Krakow. We are glad that we managed to equip the office in a post-industrial building with a unique history, located in a desirable and developing district.

Location : Krakow, Poland
Project completion: 2023
Category : Office space
Scope : Waiting room

Thinking about IT companies, advertising agencies, freelancers and startups on almost 800 square meters, Cluster has over 110 workstations in 12 offices and co-working spaces. In addition, tenants have access to common areas and conference rooms.

‍The newly designed spaces are full of color, rich in lush greenery and refer to the proper post-industrial area with their design. This is another project in which the architects decided on the Uma sofa, filled with highly elastic HR foam. The soft Teal fabric with a marine finish perfectly harmonizes with the concept of the office.

If you came here because you are wondering which product to choose from the offer for your project - please contact us. Based on the interview, we will be happy to advise you in choosing the perfect model and upholstery fabric.



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